Our Story

Owner Lawrence Adam has always been fascinated by houseboats. While backpacking in Europe and America Lawrence was struck with awe when he saw a houseboat in America. He couldn’t help but think how perfect it would be for the Gariep Dam, as his father’s farm was situated right next to it. The mesmerising view of the dam always caught his attention, and he envisaged the stunning experience of cruising on the water in a houseboat with all the luxuries around him.

In 2000, he began farming in the area and left Port Elizabeth after spending 13 years there. Then, he started providing water sports activities such as water skiing, tube rides, banana rides, and trips to the dam wall for tourists. This was a way for him to pitch the idea to the locals and get feedback.

After years of research and with the help of engineers, interior decorators, and marine safety inspectors, Mr Adam began construction on the houseboat in 2003. With limited funds and difficult times, progress was slow, but he was determined to get everything perfect. Throughout the build, he used experts whenever he felt he needed them.

After eight SAMSA inspections, the Karoo Queen Houseboat finally got the green light to launch, thanks to its meticulous construction. However, just as the team was about to finish, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and they were forced to put everything on hold.

Despite the challenges, the houseboat was finally launched in 2022 and has been a hit with everyone who has experienced it. With a full-time crew, including a chef and captain, the luxurious houseboat has all the amenities one could need while floating on the stunning Gariep Dam.

With the future looking bright, Mr Adam and his team are optimistic that the Karoo Queen Houseboat will bring joy and relaxation to countless more people in the years to come.